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Choose the Right Insurance for Your Pet

21-03-2011 Dog Insurance

Choose the Right Insurance for Your Pet

Ownership of a dog or a cat comes with a list of necessary expenses and responsibilities. Regular preventive care, monthly check ups, vaccination, veterinary care for unexpected accidents or illnesses are just some of the health-related expenses that may be encountered by a pet owner.

The reality of rising health care costs, both for humans and pets, could be a cause for concern for the pet owner. To help support these necessary expenses, a dog or cat owner may apply for pet insurance.


What to Look for in a Pet Insurance

Owners should be careful about selecting a particular company or pet insurance. More companies are now offering pet insurance in Australia and the variety of options could confuse the pet owner. The most important step, prior to selection, is to research and compare several providers and their policies. Allowable medical services, health conditions, and owner paid deductibles are all indicated in the insurance policy.

Look for the list of health conditions, preventive care, accidents or emergencies supported by the insurance. Find out if the policy excludes treatment for long term illnesses. Also check the company's policy and coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. This is important if your pet has a condition that requires long term treatment or maintenance.


Other Concerns

Ask the company about their policy on renewal and reimbursement. In case a cancellation of policy is required, make sure that the company will refund all unearned premiums. Check if they will apply the same terms and conditions each year.

Some insurance policies have a list of preferred veterinary services. If you want flexibility of choices, select a policy that will allow you to select your own veterinary services.

If you care about your pet's health but worry about the cost of veterinary care, consider applying for pet insurance.

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How to Wash Your Dog

03-02-2011 Dog Wash

How to Wash Your Dog

A dog wash can be a fun experience shared by you and your best friend. There are a couple of important points to remember.

- Don't forget you might get wet so put on some old clothing or your pool clothes.

- Give your dog's coat a brush down. At the same time look for any ticks or health problems. Your dog will love this.

- Wet your dog down using your hose or a bucket before starting the dog wash.

- Apply dog shampoo to his coat. See your VET or pet store for advice on preventing skin irritation

- Rub your dog down and massage his fur. Get him nice and clean. Don't forget to wash in the creases

- Be careful around the head and face area. To wash his face, gently wet his head then add small amounts of shampoo. Consider using baby shampoo to prevent irritatation. Take your time in this area. Using warm water can help. Wash these areas thorougly but be careful not to get soap in the dog's eyes, mouth, nose or ears.

- Once youv'e rubbed down your pet then rinse him off. Be careful when washing the shampoo from his face.

- Rub your dog dry using a towl. Don't forget to dry inside his ears. Dogs love shaking water off their bodies after a good dog wash so be prepared for this. You can even use a hair dryer to help dry them off. - Brush your dog to help keep his coat healthy and shiny

If you don't have the time then consider using a mobile dog wash service who can come to your house and ensure your dog looks and smells clean.

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